Wednesday, January 14, 2015

About FiXiTBro

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Fixitbro (FIB) – a micro blog where you will learn about " How to Fix gadgets, Technology, Tricks and Tips". It's my personal blog and most of article based on my personal experienced. I'm not expert in Fix everything but i would try to fix what i have in my house. I learn and learn and never give up, actually i have also damaged few gadgets but i didn't repeat the mistakes and that's why i try again and fixitbro. Yet this blog in Blogger but in future it will be move in Self-Hosted personal domain on Wordpress with same name ""

Fixitbro was born on 14th January 2015 as a Technology and Tips and Trick blog. Slowly, my journey go forward, I started covering every aspect of online marketing & online Business. This blog is popular among bloggers to learn " how to fix gadgets" , tricks and tips and make a business out of the blog. Fixitbro is not famous yet like other blogs but in future it will be one of best blogging site.

Fixitbro is the right blog for anyone who is passionate about blogging and wants to excel or is excelling in the online world. When I started Fixitbro, I had no idea, where i am going, what will happen in future and yet i am not planned anything for this new blog. But i am sure if i will do hardwork and use my knowledge which i have accumulated from books, internet will make Fixitbro future bright.

Here at Fixitbro, I share everything I have learnt and still learning about gadgets and new technology. You can read about my journey soon which have been started from now.                                                                                                                                             

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