Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Journey and My Mistakes

Hello Fixers!

I'm not pure English man and it's my first article about my past earning online and first online earning E-cheque i got from one of Writing site.

I have many friend who were demotivating me and saying that, it's not possible to earn money online. I read many blogs where mostly all bloggers were talking about Money and how to earn money online, how to earn by blogging or any other way. I learnt so much and trying to improve my writing skills. There is many way to earn money online but we want someone guide us well before start. But many bloggers start without guideline or any support but still successful. If someone guide us its good for us and we will not do mistakes did by all those good bloggers in starting. But still ( like me) who think its not easy to get success in online world even we have guideline of many bloggers. We think more instead of starting any new blog and predict the bad future of our blog without starting it. We don't wanna start and don't even want to do mistakes. But someone said that " we learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves".

If you really wanna start work online then it's time to take action and stop thinking negative even there are not much chances of success. I would not like to demotivate anybody who reading this article rather i compare two world of working Online vs Offline.

First of all clear this point " It's not simple or easy task to get succeess in online world and offline world". We have to work smart and hard in both worlds for complete our dreams. All we need is choose correct path of working for success, offline or online.

It's upto you which way you choose for success and complete your dream but remember one thing, nobody can get rich quick and we all have to do hard work plus smart  work to reach our niche and goals.

"Niche and Passion"

For me, i have chose Online way even it tough ( everything tough till we don't try it) but i love this way. It's my passion and even there negative vibes around me and many successful bloggers or online workers, i would do my best and completed my dream as well. 

I started online work May 28, 2014. But it was small start which was not right way to start but i earn money and motivating myself. I was thinking, How easy to earn $1000 monthly in online world. But that's not true. It was 2014 when i didn't have good skills of writing ( still i am not perfect too) but my earning in starting period was good. 

I started 28 May and i got first online earning in Paypal July 10, 2014. It was just $53. It does't matter how much you earn first time online but matter's how will improve and increase earning. But i did mistake, i increased earning but i depend on others and someone else site where my earning just depend the website. 

I want to clear another thing again, if you wanna success  "do not depend on one website or someone else website". After my mistake i read blogs and i realised that even i am earning better but it is not life time income. It's just few month income. I earned more than $2500 in six month from one writing site " Bubblews". Indeed i was very happy last time when i was getting money in Paypal every week. 
I got $1100+ just in 3 months. But problem started after 3 months and website started ignoring writers. But it's okay they stopped because i learnt and realised that " do not put your all eggs in one basket". 

I stopped working there and once again i reach to same position because i didn't move anywhere. But after that i moved and start once again. I don't wanna give up even it's tough and tougher. 

Now days i am learning and stop thinking about money.  Journey continue......

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